Terms and Conditions for P.I.P.A.

  1. Students must arrive 5 minutes before class with their uniform on, appropriate clothing, correct shoes (Black Jazz, Black Tap, Pink Ballet etc.) and hair up neat.
  2. P.I.P.A takes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.
  3. Chewing Gum is not allowed in class
  4. P.I.P.A will ask students to leave if anyone from the school is deemed to misbehave in class, during performances or at events where you are representing P.I.P.A. Good behaviour and respect towards their teachers and fellow students are of utmost importance.
  1. You must agree to pay Class fees and Registration/Membership fees by the due date on the invoice for each term. If you do not pay on time, you will incur a 10% late fee for every month it’s late, and your child may no longer be able to attend classes at PIPA.
  2. If you pay within the first two weeks of receiving your invoice via email, a 10% discount will be applied. You must calculate this yourself and transfer the discounted amount. The invoice will be adjusted after payment is received. (10% discount does not apply to costumes or private lessons, fees only. It also does not apply if you have money owing from previous invoices).
  3. All fees can be paid via direct debit or cash. The invoice has all the details needed for this at the bottom left of the invoice.
  4. Dance Enrolment is for the whole year. If you do not cancel your enrolment or make changes within the first two weeks of that Term, you must pay the total amount on the invoice.
  5. Active Kids Vouchers and Creative Kids Vouchers must be printed off or emailed to Miss Nat at the very beginning of term, week 1. This takes a considerable amount of time to process. If you use vouchers, you cannot redeem the 10% discount as it takes more than two weeks to enter the P.I.P.A account.
  6. There is a one-off administration/insurance Fee per student each year when you enrol or re-enrol.
  7. You must re-enrol every year, or please have the courtesy of contacting us and letting us know you will not be coming back so we can adjust our database.
  8. Term fees are based on the school term. These are not casual classes except for adult dance. Should you miss classes, No refunds or credits will be given for missed classes except in cases of extreme illness. Specific doctor/specialist certificates must be received in these cases, and PIPA must be notified in writing.
  9. Prices of fees and costumes will vary, so please read your invoices and notes clearly. Class prices are also stated on our website.
  1. I understand that P.I.P.A aims to promote a friendly, fun, and safe atmosphere for all students. I understand that in cases where a student or parent is deliberately, consistently and wilfully compromising the safety and enjoyment of others in their class, P.I.P.A reserves the right to discontinue the registration of that student.
  2. I agree that if any issue arises throughout the year, I will speak to the principal immediately in a calm manner to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  1. I understand that children must be picked up and dropped off at the studio doors. Children must be picked up within 10 minutes after their class has finished. Childminding is not a part of PIPA’s services, but please notify PIPA immediately should you be late for pick up in an emergency.
  1. I understand that if my child is going to be absent for any reason, I will notify PIPA via email, phone, Facebook or SMS.

Considering myself / my child participating at P.I.P.A events & activities, the undersigned acknowledges & agrees that: I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian, do hereby grant permission for my son/daughter to participate in any 2022 P.I.P.A Events and classes. I further acknowledge and understand and agree that by participating at P.I.P.A events and styles, there is a possibility of physical illness or injury (minimal or severe), and my son/daughter is assuming the risk of such injury by participating. I authorise any representative of P.I.P.A or the event party to consent and allow any medical attention, treatment, surgery or administration of drugs by qualified and licensed medical personnel for my son/daughter may become necessary. I understand I will be notified as soon as possible in an emergency. I understand and agree that all expenses of such treatment are my responsibility. If my child has an injury that will affect their ability to dance at P.I.P.A I will inform PIPA staff immediately and provide proper documentation.

  1. There is a Facebook group called PIPA Parents and Students. Please search for this and ask to join. It provides you with the information you receive via email.
  2. Correspondence is all via email or our private FB group.
  3. Please try and contact Miss Natalie from Monday – to Friday. Saturday and Sunday for emergencies only. Phone Monday – Friday between 9 am – 2:30 pm or write an email or Facebook message after those hours.
  4. It is not the job of PIPA staff to chase down parents and students; please get in touch with us in writing for anything specific in regards to communication about classes, events or fees.

Participants must respect all venue and facility rules and regulations. P.I.P.A reserves the right to withdraw enrolment immediately if a student or parent threatens the safety of any student or staff member of P.I.P.A. Parents and students must remember that P.I.P.A is a place of business that specialises in teaching dance, singing and acting to children through to adults. All efforts are made by P.I.P.A to ensure the safety of children while in our classes and to make waiting areas as safe as possible. When students are waiting for class or are finished class, supervision and care of students is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of that student. P.I.P.A will not be held responsible for any incidents while waiting before or after class hours, outside the venue doors, or when travelling to and from PIPA.


This means

1) Children may not leave the studio or waiting area independently or with other children.

2). Under no circumstances are children hanging off railings or jumping on or off the stage and stairs.

3) I must take care when ENTERING and LEAVING the studio.

I understand that children must wait inside the studio for their parents. I know that siblings must be supervised and seated in the studio and that P.I.P.A takes no responsibility for the safety of siblings while on the premises.

I agree to pay for any damage to P.I.P.A property and surrounding property caused by ignoring P.I.P.A rules.

This is for students who wish to take their dancing to the next level and apply their skills more seriously. There are other classes just for fun if you are unsure, as this needs 100% commitment from both Parents and Students. Students who partake in showgroup have a separate contract to sign.

They participate in fun performances at fetes, festivals and other local events. As well as a minimum of 3 competitions per year. This is an added extra and a chance to learn to perform! If you miss out on performances or rehearsals, you may be asked to reconsider the showgroup team.

To participate in these performances, students must do Ballet class plus two other dance styles in conjunction with this extra class. They must show dedication to their team and themselves and be invited in by Miss Nat after discussing with her.

You need to tell us by the date information is given (when the performance is announced) if you are or are not available for a performance. Telling us that you/your child cannot perform only days before a performance is unacceptable and may result in you/your child no longer being allowed to serve in showgroup or PIPA eisteddfods. Like being part of any sporting team, each member is vital to the team’s success. Members must attend all their classes to ensure our performances are great and enjoyable. Lastly, it is a privilege to perform for P.I.P.A. We put much effort into helping our students achieve their best. This can only be maintained with the support of parents and students. This means attending classes, letting us know if you are available for performances and attending performances you commit to.

I agree that my child will wear the correct uniform and clothing & will look immaculate at performances.

I agree that all costumes will be paid by the due date, and I understand that extra charges will be added if I do not make full payment by the due date. My child needs to have 80% attendance to be part of memorable performances.

Thank you for reading the terms and conditions of P.I.P.A. If you have any inquiries regarding these T&Cs, please do not hesitate to contact P.I.P.A via phone or email.